Temperature sensor API



So, reading a bit more on the Aqara sensor… looks like it’s a Zigbee connected sensor. I don’t have a Zigbee hub. Do I need one for the Nest Thermostat to work with Aqara sensors?




@jbumgardner @Luva any updates on this? The thread shows zero movement or meaningful updates for quite a while on this topic.


Dear Nest Engineers, The folks that have dumped a ton of money into your products are asking to release the API for the sensors, come on, it’s not that hard. My guess is if these folks are on here and know what an API is and are asking for you to release it, they have spent well in excess of a few grand on Nest products…I know I’m in over 4 grand…Please release so we can integrate the sensors!


Yes, please!


Agreed! Google, PLEASE!

Bill Bosmeny


No news ? Why make a community ?


I’m not a developer of IoT/Home-Automation, but i am a customer of Nest, and frankly i’m starting re-consider that position.

I always imagined it would take “a while” for first-class API support to be added for the temp. sensor; it was only when i started looking at adding smart-vents to my home setup did i stumble across that fact that API support is still not available.

It would be extremely helpful to everybody if Nest/Google could make some statements that customers and integration partners could act on as opposed to vague comments on scoping and requirements - the comment made on 4/18 was to “… stay tuned for more exciting things!..”; well, i’m still tuned in.


Given what I’ve learned to date about Nest the company and Nest the products, if I were deciding on a thermostat system today, I would go with Ecobee. Something as simple as integrating geofencing for that company that “owns” Internet mapping to be beaten by a competitor… and still not have a consumer geofencing solution is so frustrating. And then these remote temperature sensors. Such promise! Nest’s implementation is SO lacking… and the lack of an API keeps anybody from trying to fix the situation.

It’s sad to see a company that had such a head start and changed the way we view the lowly thermostat, is getting left on the island of misfit technology companies.

If I’m asked for a recommendation, I will strongly steer folks away from Nest. I’m not staying tuned… I’m changing this channel!