Temperature sensor API


They already have your money and they use it to pay people to pretend they are paying attention to these comments, they aren’t going to be annoyed.


Thanks Nest. We invested in quite a bit of Nest equipment and now we see you’re not committed to the product or dev’ing out the API needed to use this effectively. Google buying Nest has successfully killed the “spirit of the product”. Why did you pay so much for it if you were going to simply let it die a slow death? I am NOT recommending this product to any of my customers. Ecobee, it is!


Hi Nest-

It seems you have stopped replying to questions on this.

I have just purchased a number of temperature sensors to hopefully integrate with some flair smart vents.

The Flair team is directing a number of your customers to this thread to request you open the API for developers.

It does seem disingenuous of you to keep it in house, particularly when you don’t offer any products that help with smart zoning.

I would appreciate some response other than “we are working on it”. Can’t be that hard, you are google after all.


Hi…I have homemade temperature sensors that I used with my previous non-Nest thermostat, which presented a local endpoint for setting a remote temperature. I want to have temperature reporting from different rooms, selected by presence detection.