Text overlay in camera feed? Future API support? Alternatives?


After a quick look through the existing API, I’m pretty sure this doesn’t exist, but what would be amazing is the following:

An API where I can write/update a message that displays on my cameras stream. Think like a timestamp but could be used for other things such as temperature, or custom messages.

In my case we monitor our special-needs sons overnight and they have oximeters that output their oxygen/heart rate levels. Some nights have have help but I don’t think they are responding to their dropping oxygen levels. It’s impossible to know though. I can capture that through a little computer I have in their bedroom that’s connected to the internet. If I could write that to an API that would overlay the text onto the feed it would be incredible. Instead I’m going to try and construct some low-tech way of doing it by having a little LCD screen off to the side of something, which is kind of unfortunate because it will be costly, ugly, and distracting to the sleeping children, who try to grab and play with everything.

But yeah, I think an API like this would be really neat and I can see a lot of other applications for it. Pretty please? :slight_smile:


Hi jjardine,

Just making sure I understand… would the text overlay be added to individual images, like this image with the overlay “Kitty likes basket!”?



Yes! Exsctly. How amazing would that be?


Yeah, for sure. I’m happy to submit the feature request.

If your use case is specific to timestamps, I’m wondering if something like this could help?




Has any progress been made on this feature request to allow the API to overlay data to the camera?

If not, can we download a 24-hour copy of our video, to overlay the text data on our local machine?

We have a similar desire to jjardine, to overlay sales data for our restaurant camera. This would allow us to easily review video footage and confirm the proper items and count were sold, rather than review the sales data, and try to find that moment on camera.

(RELATED NOTE TO UI: it is challenging to swipe to a specific finite zone in time due to the data-delay-reload between camera position adjustments.)



There’s no update, sorry.

You can make clips up to an hour long from your video history if you have Nest Aware. It’s limited to an hour since video history is stored on the cloud. If you try to make a longer clip it will change to a timelapse instead. Timelapses are limited to 24 hours.

If you have feedback about the Nest app UI you should check with Support. This community is focused on the WWN API only.