Thermostat API changes


Hello NEST Support,

I’m dealing with few issues while pairing NEST Thermostat with Virtual Thermostat.
One of them is missing NEST thermometer endpoint while setting Virtual thermostat.
NEST’s temp meter is available as a sensor, but we cannot set it as Thermometer.
When I’m trying to set target_temperature via url: I’m getting 404 Status. Setting target temperature (low and high), I’m able using our API.
apiKey is undefined
Are there any changes in API on your side regarding NEST Thermostat?

Can you please provide some help, instructions?
If needed, I can provide more info.

Thanks in advance!


Do you have a mix of virtual devices and real devices on the same account or location?

The URL provided is a zapato url and not from the Nest API so its tough to say what its doing.