Thermostat coming out of ECO


This morning I had a thermostat “flip” out of ECO to operating mode (unexpectedly)

There are multiple thermostats in the location
Structure is set away. All thermostats were away, then one flipped to running

Nest Home / Away Assist is on, but the devices and phones are set to NO for adjusting. Home away assist is set for ECO when away, and on when home.

Any thoughts on why a thermostat is randomly switching out of ECO, in a empty home. (No one has been there for weeks).

API auto-away state deprecation

Did you check the energy history for that thermostat? Is there any information in the history?


I don’t see today’s data yet. I’ll look again tomorrow.

I know the system ran for the periods of time I mentioned, as I found it on, and of course the house warmed up quite a bit.

In the article, (and looking at the history for past days), there is no data on the reason why the system changed settings.

I suspect there is a bug in the new firmware’s home/away assist that is causing this.


I have the same problem since the November software update. Nest has gone from the easiest to use option right into impossible to figure out. This will affect the brand. Fix it.
Never had an issue for the last few years. Now it goes into Home mode on its own and when manually set to “away” does not turn the furnaces off.