Thermostat fan_timer_duration error



I am working in a nest http client for thermostats and everything seems to be working as expected but I cannot make the fan_timer_duration to work.

I had tried different combinations between fan_timer_duration and fan_timer_active and the call always returns “No write permission(s) for field(s): fan_timer_duration”. If I send only fan_timer_active=true then the fans turns on correctly.

Any ideas??



fan_timer_active and fan_timer_duration are both writeable if you have the Thermostat Read/Write permission selected for your integration. So it shouldn’t say “no write permission” for _duration if you can write to _active. Are you doing the calls separately or at the same time?

Also be aware that sometimes calls to the fan and the duration aren’t always honored (because of scheduling, already engaged, etc). More info here: