Thermostat - how to implement remote sensor


I would like to have a remote sensor update the NEST thermostat’s ambient temperature with another value (similar to the EcoBee with remote sensor).

I can easily change the target temps via the API, but not the ambient temp, since that is read only.

Any ideas on how I would achieve this, other than fudging the target temps and creating large temp swings, thereby screwing up any learning that the thermostat might do?


Ambient temperature is read only.


I am interested in this as well for the same reasons. I guess I didn’t dive deep enough into the API before I bought my Nest. The only way I can see to do it in the documentation is by temporarily setting a really low or high target temp to force cooking or heating. Pretty disappointing.


I’m also interested in an ambient temperature write API. Thermostats are rarely positioned in a location ideal for gauging an area’s temperature. In my case, the thermostat for my bedrooms are outside the bedrooms making the built in temperature hardware nearly useless. This is the case for all the 70+ units in my condo building, and I imagine for other buildings as well. My friend also has a Nest thermostat and it’s located in a relatively hot area which is the last to cool down.


Ambient temperature is read-only since it’s a measurement of the environment, it’s not something a user should ever need to change.

Remote sensing is a commonly-requested feature, so we are certainly aware of the interest.


Just want to bump this thread. Please expose this. I have 2 Nest thermostats and I’m about to switch to EcoBee if you don’t provide this support. Just provide a the ability to write the temperature and some third party will build a remote sensor. I don’t understand why this is being overlooked.


For all those interested in remote temperature sensing for Nest Thermostats…

Oh, and a few clarifications: you have to have the 3rd generation thermostat or the Thermostat E to use it, and it’s slated for release in April I believe.


Do you folks need BETA TESTERS? Would be good to try out NOW as it’s still cold in Massachusetts and it would come in handy.


Sorry no, we’re good with beta testing, but you only have a month or so to wait! :slight_smile:


Any plans to support the new Temperature Sensor data in IFTTT?
This will be very helpful in toggling my wall unit air conditioners.


Will the new temp sensor be added to the the api? Would love to be able to get temp info from different rooms.


Do you have more information about the remote sensor data ?