Thermostat in Manual Mode, not available in the API



I’m using the Nest API to monitor actual and set temperatures, as well as heating demand. However, I’d also like to know if the thermostat has been put in ‘manual’ mode by pressing the button on the heat link.

The app and the thermostat both display ‘manual mode’ when this has happened, and provide the option to leave manual mode. However, I can’t see anything in the documentation that allows us to determine or control this state using the API.

Any advice?




If you’re using the new Thermostat E with Heat Link in the EU, that device is not supported in the WWN API.


I’m not, this is the standard Thermostat as far as I’m aware.

This one:

I can’t find any reference to ‘manual mode’ in the API documentation.



Ah sorry, I saw the words “heat link” and immediately assumed you were talking about the E… functions specific to the Heat Link device have never been available in the API, so you can’t view or control that state in the API. If it’s not listed in the reference docs it’s not available.


How does the Nest app manage to show it?



The Nest App doesn’t use the WWN API.


Ok. So what API can I use that will all me to determine these items of information?



There is none you can use for that, the WWN API is the only one we’ve opened up for developers.


Ok. Are there any plans to add this functionality to the API that is available then? Seems a bit arbitrary to have some parameters available and not others?



Any update on this? Seems an odd thing to be missing from the API.