Thermostat Motion API?


Am I right that the Nest Thermostat does not expose motion events? This would be very useful for home security.

Via I’m trying to get sent a notification when my home detects motion. The use case is me being away traveling. I have 3 Nest thermostats. This IFTTT Applet is pretty good: but I get no details on, for example, which thermostat(s) triggered the notification. Despite the phrasing of what this Applet does, after reading through the Nest developer API I suspect that this Applet actually uses the Home/Away event change to do its job since I don’t see any motion API.

Other compromises:

  • Add metadata to the Home/Away event to say which thermostats. Depending on which thermostat went off I can gauge how confident I am in interpreting the risk.
  • Add a end-user facing “event log” of sorts to display my own thermostat motion events. If I see more than one thermostats detect motion – something’s up! IFTTT can at least alert me to manually go take a look at this proposed UI.

Is this the right support medium for my suggestion? As a developer I went this route but my role here is really a regular home-owner here and don’t plan on automating stuff for Nest.


Correct, the Thermostat does not expose motion events in the API, and yes that IFTTT applet just uses the Home/Away status from what I can tell.

As for your suggestions, Thermostat motion events is not something we’ll expose through the API, I can say that much. You would need a Nest Cam to track motion events in and around your home.