Thermostat not appearing in JSON output


I’ve created developer and owner accounts, and authorized my app. The app has thermostat read/write, away read and structure read/write permissions. I got an access token which seems to work.

When I make the API call to I can see the structure name and postcode correctly and it knows I’m home (which is a good hint that it worked), but I don’t see any devices - I have a Nest E thermostat, but there’s no devices key at all in the returned JSON, just structures and metadata.

Support for Nest Thermostat E

I have this identical issue, not sure what’s causing it. I’ve also set up the nest virtual home and virtual thermostats are visible via the Api, just not real ones. I am also using a Nest thermostat E.

I’ve made posts here: Unable to see Nest Thermostat E in API, in third party apps or listed in home simulator and here: Full support for Nest Thermostat E detailing my issues.


If you’re using the new Thermostat E with Heat Link in the EU, unfortunately that device is not supported in the WWN API. I’ve updated that announcement and will make sure the docs are updated.

When authorizing a connection to thermostat permissions, there should be a disclaimer about the lack of support if you’re in the EU.


Ah. Thanks for the clarification. Is that a “is not supported (yet)” or a “is not supported (and won’t be)”? (The EU-specific exclusion makes me suspect there’s GDPR fun involved.)


It’s a “is not supported and won’t be”, unfortunately.


This is the second time that UK/EU have been shafted, firstly no hot water exposed via the API (think this was requested loads around 3 years ago, maybe more), and now I can’t access the second thermostat I have literally just installed. I think it’s safe to say that Nest are the dumbest home automation equipment that I have come across. Can’t even master the basics of working with Alexa or Google Home fully? Does that mean that I cant use Alexa to set the temperature of my second thermostat either? Can I ask if Nest as a company feel that this lack of support is acceptable? Why does the API expose so little for UK/EU and come with so many restrictions? I am really struggling to understand here.