Trigger Nest Protect alarm via API


Is there a particular reason why the siren is not controlled via API? Do someone know of a hack to trigger the siren?
It will be a great way to alert of an intruder by integration with another system.

If this is not possible at the moment, is there a plan to enable the Nest Protect to be a Wifi Siren as well?



The siren is for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms only. It is a safety device.


I think the OP wanted to know if it was possible that the Nest Protect could be further enhanced in its function as a safety device, with the inclusion of a feature that would enable for the manual/automatic trigger of a siren, whether by API or an inclusion of this feature in your app.

Think of all the scenarios where a person may need a siren for their safety. This is something that you guys at Nest have seriously overlooked and would be a more attractive feature to have in comparison to a conventional smoke/carbon monoxide detector. The device would be smart in its multi-use, and you could even sell a keyfob, in addition to the app, that activates the alarm which each family member can buy - further hardware sales!


Through the app, you can send a self-test. Does that address this use case?



I don’t think it is sufficient as self-test alarm don’t last long.


+1. Being able to trigger smoke alarm from the API would be an huge improvement.


I have been using NestCam in my home and have notifications to detect if it sees someone when it’s not supposed to. I would love to have a Google Assistant command to trigger my Nest Protect Siren as I use my intercom feature to alert an intruder that their presence is known. Could also be an inticing feature to add to the Nest Secure suite.


The Nest Protect is a smoke/co alarm. It’s a safety device, it’s not designed to be used as a siren for security purposes.


I understand that the nest protects are not designed for that purpose, but they clearly could be activated remotely (as the self test proves) so why not improve the safety of your home with this simple feature. It would act as a huge deterrent to intruders if they had to endure the piercing sound of a smoke alarm during their visit.