Unable to see Nest Thermostat E in API, in third party apps or listed in home simulator


Does anyone know if the nest thermostat E is supported for the thermostats API? I’ve been trying to interact with it (one I purchased for personal use) over the API but when I hit the URL:

curl -L https://developer-api.nest.com/devices/thermostats/\?auth\=${TOKEN}

I get returned an empty json string. If I add a virtual thermostat to either my current or a new structure, however, I can see the new virtual thermostat when querying the above URL, suggesting the application I have set up has correct permissions and the token is valid.

Can someone either confirm or deny that I should be able to see a Nest Thermostat E on the API? The documentation states “All learning thermostats” are supported, however I’m not sure the Thermostat E is classified as one.

A post from one of the staff members here suggests it’s already supported: Full support for Nest Thermostat E however when I called customer support they informed me that they thought the Nest Thermostat E was still under development and that API support may not yet be ready.


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