User receiving "Exceeded rate limit on requests. Please try again later."


A user accessing our app is receiving an issue trying to obtain a list of devices within his account. Other users of our app are able to connect and manage their thermostats without issue. Right now this is still in a development state, so we’re aware that with constant testing it’s theoretically possible to hit the rate limit. However, I’ve read other sites that say I should never hit that limit unless I’m actually trying to, which we’re not, and that under normal use and testing it should be fine. Ok, so exactly what is the limit… and if it’s hit how can we clear it out and allow the user to access the information to continue testing?


The basic rule of thumb is 10 PUT’s per hour and 180 GET’s per hour. Rate limits reset in 1 hour.


Is this limit for every device (that is say every nest cam) , for every product or for every access token ?


It’s per device, but also per structure. For example a structure level call to the away state will count as one to the thermostat.


Hi @urman, I am having the error of too many request while I am trying to integrate the nest cam IQ indoor and outdoor devices with my application and test it from backend. I want to know the exact no. of requests per hour for calling the structure model through POST call. Also, is there a way we could increase the limit threshold.


The number of requests to adhere to with actual devices is what @urman mentioned earlier. We’re not increasing the limit thresholds at this time.