Using Nest Weave to connect the Nest Cam and laptop


Hello ,
I have been reading about Nest API and Nest Weave. I am a newbie to using Nest API. I have following questions :
I wanted to connect my laptop directly to Nest cam and acquire the video without using the cloud interface. Is that possible using Nest Weave ?
Also is there a detailed documentation to begin using Nest Weave?
Is it necessary to buy a Nest development kit to begin experimenting on Nest Weave ?
How can I start working with Nest weave SDK and where will I find the SDK ?



It’s not possible using any API. The only way to view video outside of the Nest app would be to make it public and grab the iframe. This unfortunately means anyone would be able to view the stream.


Thanks for the reply !! It helps a lot .

Besides that I really want to know how can I start using Nest Weave ?



Is this going to change soon? If they’ve authorized an app to allow access to the cameras (privately), then using the access token should provide connection to the stream without the need for being a public camera.


Hi, the access token would not provide access to the stream whether or not it is privately shared or publicly. You actually CAN create a private stream that would be protected by a password of your own setting. More details on that here.


Luva, so I tried getting the web_url and also the protected stream ( and put them into an iFrame and it didn’t work. Will any of the streams (through API or otherwise) but able to put into an iFrame?

Load denied by X-Frame-Options: does not permit framing.