When will the nest allow for setting the geofence distance?


The Honeywell Lyric and EcoBee units allow for setting the distance when to determine to set the system to away unless the sensor detects someone is still home. People who live in a smaller city or rural location with a decent size yard or property want to set the distance on when to turn the system to away. I for example live 3 miles from the nearest city and with the Lyric I set my geofence to 5 miles so I could run into town for a short time the system would stay on with the nest it goes to away. Also the nest will
set to away if I was out on my property even 100 yards from the house when I would like the system to stay running. If the nest could allow the user to set the geofence distance like the others in the smart thermostat market it would appease anyone who doesn’t live in the city with a tiny yard.


Thanks for the feedback, @meisterkevin. I recommend sending product-specific feedback to Nest Support directly or posting it here: https://www.nest-community.com/s/.