White list camera feeds in HTTP proxy


I was referred here by Nest Cam support. Our clients are using a Sophos UTM firewall with a transparent HTTP proxy. The proxy does not understand the traffic being sent to hosts like oculusYYYus1.dropcam.com,
oculusXXXX-us1.dropcam.com, etc.

The main issue seems to be viewing the camera feed when behind the same firewall vs. externally. The camera feeds leave the network just fine, viewing behind the proxy is where issues crop up.

We have to whitelist these but found that they change sometimes. Is there a static list of IP addresses or host names we can proactively whitelist? Maybe a block of addresses or a DNS record that includes them?

Thank you!


This is beyond the scope of the API and the support that Nest can provide, so unfortunately we can’t help with this, sorry.


It’s beyond the scope of NEST to provide IP blocks to the connections required to make your products even work? That’s ridiculous. Surely you’re mistaken @jbumgardner and someone at NEST has this information so that your customers can make sure your products work from behind a proxy. Is this the same answer you’d give to your business customers? Or are they the only ones that get that information?