Why does the API still not control hot water?


The reason I bought a nest was to replace my smart thermostat as it didn’t have hot water control too. Why is it over a year after release this functionality is not available in the API?

It’s not a feature request, it’s fundamental capability.



We hear what you are saying. We have shared this idea with the product team.



+1 on OP.

“No Usage Today” is a complete fib in the energy usage chart.

And I’d like to be able to ask Alexa to turn the hot water on :slight_smile:


exactly what I want to be able to do


Thanks Betsy but you’ll forgive me for being cynical about it actually happening as it was raised a full 9 months ago with no progress…



Did the product team say "That’s a good idea, but we’ll leave it and hope they forget"
Or was it “Nah, ain’t nobody got time fo dat!”



Hi again,
The request is in the queue for consideration and will be seriously considered. We value your input, and this community is not a place where we discuss future schedules or internal planning.